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Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I need to set my tracking intervals?

When the app is downloaded, it will have a default setting to send your position every 60 minutes. You need to log into the members panel to change the settings.

What are response members?

Response members are people you want to notify, for example in Rapid Attack response you will add your neighbours as your members because who else will be quicker to you than your neighbour. In Rapid Accident you will add family members, insurance company whoever you want to notify.

How will response members be notified?

After an alert is sent, response members will get text messages with your location, name and surname, standard text that says you were in an incident.

Where does my alert go?

To response members of your choice as programmed and to the Rapid Response Call centre.

Who will see my info I submitted on the application?

The Rapid Response Call Centre where your application support is registered.

What if I’m in an emergency but don’t know where I am?

Our app picks up your location and sends it to ER24.

Who determines what hospital I am taken to in the case of an emergency?

Your medical aid details are loaded onto out database when you register with our app. This way we will know whether to take you to a private or provincial hospital.

What if I have allergies to certain medication?

Before the ambulance gets to you, they will have access to a full record of your allergies, chronic medication and other major health issues.

What about my current security company provider?

Your current security company will be notified if you your location is at your house.

What is the benefit of having response members?

If you are under attack in your home, your neighbour is more than likely the person who will get to you the fastest. Having him/her as a response member will help you receive faster assistance.

How are my response members notified?

Your selected response members will be notified via SMS with a map and directions to the closest police station and hospital in your vicinity.

What if my phone gets stolen?

Provided your phone has an Internet connection, you can track and trace your phone from your members panel if it has been stolen. Our app also enables you to back up your contacts as an added feature.

Why pay R27.99 when I can call 084 124 for free?

The benefits of subscribing to the Rapid Response app is that, not only will emergency services be notified when you send out an alert, but so will your response members. If you are under attack or in an accident, your custom selected family members, friends or neighbours are immediately notified of your alert via SMS with a map of your location.